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How should I practice for my theory test?

Updated: Jan 26

Apart from the obvious like using Apps such as Theory Test Hero, there are other ways for you to prepare for your theory test.

On your driving lessons:

Believe it or not, a lot of your theory can be learned whilst you drive. After all, the whole point of doing the theory test is so that you can drive on the road, so what better place to learn.

As you drive around, your instructor can talk to you about certain things such as rules and procedures. You can then use this to supplement your theory knowledge for a better chance of passing the test.


For some people, the thought of reading puts them to sleep. Now I'm telling you to read a book about driving? Yawn! But seriously, it is one of the best way to learn the material. The test itself is about answering questions, so this getting used to reading the material and questions will definitely make it the test easier to pass.

There are several books that are out there, some easier to read than others. The Highway code should be read. That's how I passed my theory test many years ago. I read the Highway code from start to end. It's not a long book so it wasn't too difficult to read. There are also books showing you all the traffic signs that you might see. This is also a must read as the test consists of a lot of questions that are about traffic signs.

YouTube and other social media

There are a lot of videos out there that will help you with your theory test practice. Just go to YouTube and search for Theory test practice and hundreds of videos will come up. It's then just a matter of choosing the right videos for you.

Other platforms such as TikTok and even Instagram have content on this. The benefit of these kind of learning materials is that it's free. You can watch it over and over again. In some cases you can even interact with the content creator for extra help.

Theory Test Hero

The obvious option is practicing on your phone using an App like Theory Test Hero. This way is so convenient. You can practice whenever you want. 1000s of questions at your fingertips with feedback about your progress.

This App also has the Highway code, Traffic signs book and Hazard perception.

One of the main things that the other methods of learning isn't so good at is the Hazard perception part of the theory test. This is a big part of it and you need to pass this in order to pass the theory test.

The best way to prepare for the Hazard perception is to use hazards perception videos that are provided by the DVSA and practice clicking at the right time when you see hazards. This is what is great about using this App.

You should use whatever methods you feel help you to learn the most. There is no right or wrong way to learn. Explore what's best for you.

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