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How to get an earlier driving test?

Updated: 4 days ago

When it comes to booking a driving test these days, it has got quite difficult for a lot of people. It can leave people feeling hopeless but there are some ways to get an earlier test.

Why can't I find any driving tests?

The main reason it's hard to book a test is due to the backlog of learners caused by the lockdowns. During the lockdowns, tests were put on hold but more people 'joined the queue' to do their test too.

Since then, it has been a slow process of trying to catch up to clear the back log. The DVSA have made efforts to recruit more driving examiners so they can work through the back log and hopefully get back to normal waiting times soon.

I can only find tests that are months away, what can I do?

Firstly, if you can find a test at all these days, you are one of the lucky few as a lot of people can't seem to even find one. However, if you do have one, there are ways to get an earlier on. Though not as easy as it used to be, apps like Testi have been used by a lot of learners to find test cancellations.

There were rumours that the DVSA had invested money into stopping these kind of companies from booking tests so that is probably the reason they don't work as well.

I can't find a test to book, what can I do?

If you are looked on the DVSA and can't find a test, it might be an idea to contact the DVSA and ask them when they will be releasing new test slots. The easiest way to get an answer from them is to message them through Facebook.

Look everyday, especially in the morning

Another way is to keep trying every day. I know that doesn’t sound that great but a lot of leaners have found that was the only way they could find a test. A tip is to look in the morning around 8am as some new slots are released in the morning each day.

Ask your instructor

Some driving instructors have access to the Business booking system. This means that they can book multiple tests. This means if your instructor does this, they may have some tests booked that they could change over to you if one of their other learners isn't ready or is unavailable for that test. It's worth asking them, you never know.

Are theory tests hard to book?

Luckily, the waiting list for theory tests it a lot shorter. This is because they are much easier to conduct and require less staff.

If you haven't done your theory yet, put in the practice using Theory Test Hero. Click on the phone below and join the many that have passed their theory using Theory Test Hero!

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