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Forward bay parking make easy

Updated: Jan 26

When it comes to doing the forward bay park, there are different ways of doing it.

You could either use a reference point, or just wing it like you're turning into a road.

I have covered both of these in the video below.

Follow these tips to make the forward bay park easy:

  • Choose the bay that you want before trying to turn

  • Start wide, be far away from the bays

  • Keep your speed very slow

  • Check your mirrors before turning

Reversing is a part of this manoeuvre. After you have parked the car into the bay, the examiner will ask you to reverse out so that you can carry on with the rest of the test. It's really important that you look around a lot before trying to move.

Are you allowed to correct your parking if you get it wrong?

If for whatever reason you don't get the car in the bay properly, you are allowed to fix it. Just make sure you look around a lot before moving and only go when it's safe.

The video below shows how to actually fix it.

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