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Different types of signs

Updated: Jan 26

When it comes to signs, understanding what they mean can be tricky. Knowing what the shapes mean makes it a lot easier.

In the picture above you can see that triangle signs give you warnings. Circle signs give you orders and rectangular signs give you information.

Warning signs are there to tell you of a potential hazard coming up. In the example above, the first triangle warns you that you are approaching a pedestrian crossing. So when answering a question that has this sign in it, knowing that it's a warning will make it easier to know the answer.

Signs that are in a circle give you orders. The ones with the red circle tell you what you must not do. So in the first sign above, the sign is telling you that you must not overtake. There are also order signs but with blue circles.

The signs above are in a blue circle. These signs are also orders but tell you what you must do rather than what you must not do. In the example above, the middle sign is a Minimum 30MPH sign. This means that you must do 30MPH unless it is impractical or dangerous to do so.

There is an exception to the rule. The 2 signs above also give orders even though they are not circles.

The signs above typically give you information. They are not orders or warnings. You may find them underneath a warning or an order sign to give you more information about what that sign is telling you.

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